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The purpose of the 21st century KATINO brand

MICRO / KATINO service areas

KATINO pursuit of easy luxury brand that you prefer one brand! Surging, process reproduction.

HUMAN / KATINO philosophy of technology

Our products and technology are closely related with people. We are always for people's lives, respond to people's expectations and hope. Adhering KATINO brand "loved by the public, people close to the" spirit, we hope that through our well-known and loved by others of products for the life of people around the world to make their own contribution.

TECH / KATINO technical methods

Expertise in the manufacturing of products for the KATINO provide strong support for the reliability. We use the latest precision machining, metrology, energy and production techniques and with good design, to create a beautiful and reliable products. We firmly believe that the integration of technology with the United States can bring happiness to people. Crafted, taste of life, heritage immortal.

KATINO watch the U.S. company launched by KATINO full of culture, personality and assertive brand of high quality fashion. Fashion design from the individual, respect for character, beyond the self, individuality and style. It is the human spirit as the main design guidelines, promote the spirit of modern fashion sense and experience the perfect combination, the product of both personality and creativity, taste and fashion features, young people eager to meet the modern self-expression, beyond the psychological self desire and the courage to pursue the ultimate subversion of the traditional ideas of personal taste.